I have to say I am very happy! The last week wasn't my best, hubby away didn't eat right, not enough sleep & water.... I was feeling very down , but I actually did ok & want to be positive. I have learnt so much & worked out what my body doesn't like now! What makes me bloated etc.. I have stared some great habits & it's helping my whole family. The photos are not great as my kids took them for me. I can't afford to continue but I don't feel finished , my hubby is supporting me (as always) and agreed to stretch the budget for another month or 2 , then I can make a new gym plan, thanks for your help & support along the way, I got the kick in the but I needed! Carolyn

Andrea - New You Program

Ok my 4 weeks is up photos don't show a lot of difference but I'm 2 kg lighter and a number of cm narrower!!!

Not my reason for doing this but I feel better for it. The jury is still out on whether or not it has improved my sleep but I can say I have had better sleep in the past month, unfortunately not consistent . Another benefit is the variety of food the family are eating, girls have enjoyed my cooking - that alone is amazing. Definitely a way of eating I am planning to stick to so good for the kids to learn also. Thanks for the education on what I thought I knew. Still not sure i have balance right but will work it out. Andrea

Nicole Croucher

I have had Personal Training with Lisa for many years. She has seen me through many stages of training from first starting out to really pushing and achieving my peak fitness levels and now through pregnancy. Not only is Lisa motivational and pushes me to meet my full fitness potential but everything is done safely and with my best interests at heart. She ensures that I am doing things correctly so I don't come away with postural issues that can cause long term problems. She is constantly updating her skills and loves to pass on her knowledge so I know how and why I'm doing things. Between sessions with Lisa I know I can safely train myself because of what she has taught me. No session with Lisa is ever the same. She makes it fun and interesting as well! I confidently refer my clients with postural issues or injuries to Lisa and those that want to get fit and healthy.

Nicole Croucher - Remedial Massage Therapist